System Requirements

Python 3.4 - If your running Arch, this shouldn't be a problem!

  • geojson
  • simplekml

If you want to be able to send the geojson to via a GitHub gist:


Packaging is currently being worked on...

Manual git install

This will make a directory ArchMap/ with a link to in it. It uses git and pip to resolve the dependencies.

Download this script:

echo -e "==> Make and cd to ./ArchMap\n"
mkdir ArchMap && cd ArchMap

echo -e "\n\n==> Download the ArchMap repo from GitHub\n"
git clone ArchMap-git

echo -e "\n\n==> Download the repo from GitHub so you can use --geojsonio\n"
git clone

echo -e "\n\n==> Install the required packages\n"
pip install -r ArchMap-git/requirements.txt

echo -e "\n\n==> Link the geojsonio module into the ArchMap-git directory\n"
cd ArchMap-git && ln -s ../

echo -e "\n\n==> Make an easy link to\n"
cd ../ && ln -s ArchMap-git/

echo -e "\n\n==> Test by printing the help message\n"
./ --help