• Add more tests
  • Work on packaging
  • Use GitHub pages to build a homepage


Contributions are always welcome! Here are a few ways you could contribute:

  • Bug fixes
  • New tests
  • New features
  • Testing on different platforms
  • Documentation

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All of the following commands assume you are are starting in the root ArchMap directory.

System Requirements

In addition to the System Requirements for the install, the following packages are required:

  • To generate these docs:
    • sphinx
  • For packaging:
    • setuptools
    • wheel (optional) - for building wheels


Sphinx can be used to build a variety of formats.

First, make sure you're in the docs directory:

cd docs/

Make the preferred output:

make html

Open the the index page in your browser:

firefox _build/html/index.html


unittest is used for testing:

python test

This will search the tests directory for tests.

See also:


ArchMap is currently packaged in two forms.

Arch Linux package

Packages are built using the PKGBUILD and archmap.install for settings.

To build package using the PKGBUILD:

cd pkgbuild
makepkg PKGBUILD

Related issues:

  • #3 PKGBUILD - Closed
  • #9 PKGBUILD: Update pkgbuild with new deps and manpage - Closed

See also:

Python package

Packages are built using and setup.cfg for settings.

To build a source distribution:

python sdist

To build a wheel:

python bdist_wheel

Related issues:

  • #8 Build a python package - Open

See also: